Ace Oxford Officer Shoes Shiny
Ace Oxford Officer Shoes Shiny
Ace Oxford Officer Shoes Shiny
Oxford Officer Shoes (Shiny)

Oxford Officer Shoes (Shiny)

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The Ace® Oxford safety shoe boasts the classic style of shoes mainly used by officers and administrative defense however its also good for office wear too and remains comfortable throughout the day.

Look Sharp and Classy in Ace Oxford Officer Shoes Shiny Style!



Elegant Ace Oxford Officer Shoes

Oxford officer shoes come with closed lacing, meaning the leather flaps contain the lacing eyelets sewn under the vamp rather than on top of it. Derby shoes, on the other hand, have an open lacing system meaning the leather flaps containing the lacing eyelets are sewn on top of the vamp and not under it. Ace Oxford Officer Shoes is a classic lace up style that has been updated to include our popular new shiny leather. z

Ace Oxford Officer Shoes Shiny boasts a sleek classic style that is suitable for officers and other administrative posts. They are also perfect for any office wear thanks to their superior all-day comfort. They are available in shiny and matte finish.

    • Heat Resistant

The durable outsoles of the Ace Oxford Officer Safety Shoes are heat resistant which helps keep your feet comfortable all day long even if you’re working under extreme conditions.

    • Shock Absorption

The cushioned midsole protects the feet from shock when walking or running. This is especially helpful for users who spend more part of their day on their feet.

    • Water-Resistant

The water-resistant treated leather of these Oxford shoes keeps your feet warm and dry even when used in wet environments. This significantly boosts the durability of the shoes.

    • Anti-Slip

The outsole is nicely threaded to provide adequate grip on slippery surfaces. This will help prevent slips and falls in the office environment. The innovative lacing system makes the shoes to snugly fit on your feet for all-day comfort.

Get a Pair Ace Oxford Officer Shoes Today!

If you’re looking for a pair of safety shoes for officers that looks good and functional, the Oxford Officer Shoes are a no-brainer. Get yourself a pair today.
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