Ace Army Combat Boots (No Steel Toe)
Ace Army Combat Boots (No Steel Toe)
Ace Army Combat Boots (No Steel Toe)
Ace Army Combat Boots (No Steel Toe)

Army Combat Boots (No steel toe)

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The Ace® Combat security shoes are perfect for soldiers, army, defense forces and security guards due to their ability to withstand the toughest terrains as well as stay comfortable for all day use.

Made for the toughest jobs. Conquer All Terrains with the Ace Army Combat Boots!


Ace Army Combat Boots: Tough, Durable, and Comfortable

There’s a reason why military combat boots are approved for the battlefield. They’re functional, durable, comfortable, and represent a timeless style that makes any outfit a little edgier. Due to their ability to withstand even the toughest terrain, Ace Combat Boots are suitable for soldiers, army, defense forces, and security guards.

A good pair of combat boots should not only protect you against shocks, moisture, and slips but also improve your responsiveness while providing all-day support and comfort. Ace Combat Boots don’t compromise on any of these.

  • Shock Absorption
The thick outsole and cushioned midsole of the Ace Combat Boots offer an amazing degree of shock-absorption when roaming rough environments. This helps to minimize strain on the feet and joints, especially when carrying a heavy load.

  • Cleated Outsole
The outsole made from DVP rubber is hard enough to guarantee durability and light enough for comfortable and flexible movements on any terrain. The outsoles are also cleated, meaning they have stud protrusions with a geometrical pattern design that provide maximum traction on soft slippery surfaces.

  • Heat Resistant

If you often perform tasks in hot climates, you’ll need reliable footwear that not only provides adequate support, but also prevents you from overheating or sweating when wearing the boots. The Ace Combat Boots are your best bet when working under such conditions. The leather upper helps to keep your feet cool and comfortable even when doing vigorous physical exercises.


Ace Combat Boots are Comfortable for All Day Use

From an adequate amount of rigidity to sufficient mid-foot support, the Ace Combat Boots are the perfect pair to take on any unfriendly terrain. They offer unmatched protection and comfort to allow users to go about their daily duties effectively. These are the best military boots for men in Kenya.
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