Ace Mamba Safety Shoes Blue
Ace Mamba Safety Shoes Blue
Ace Mamba Safety Shoes Blue
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Ace Mamba Safety Shoes- Blue

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Ace® Mamba Safety shoe is a professional high ankle safety footwear which offers an attractive style, great comfort and best protection. These full ankle protection shoes are composed of a steel toe cap, that ensure your feet are protected from accidents at work. Ace Mamba High Ankle Safety Shoes also provide the wearer shock absorption qualities and have a genuine water resistant leather for your outdoor performance. Ace Mamba Safety shoe is an ideal safety shoe for anybody working in maintenance, transport, forestry, construction and mining industries.

Stylish and Durable Work Boots - Every Pair of Ace Mamba Safety Shoes Blue is a Powerhouse


Work Comfortably and Safely with the Ace Mamba Safety Shoes

When at your worksite, you’re exposed to a lot of dangers including pointed protrusions, electrical hazards, falling objects, as well as uneven greasy surfaces. In addition to other protective gear, you need the right safety work boots.

And this is where the Ace Mamba Safety Shoes Blue comes in. These high-ankle protective shoes have an attractive style and offer unmatched protection to take on all types of work environments.

  • Premium Shock Absorption
Thanks to its thick rubber sole, the Ace Mamba work boots offer superior shock absorption. This eliminates the impact on your feet and knees, and prevent a range of conditions such as flat feet.

  • Water-Resistant
The Ace Mamba boasts of a hardy, high-quality leather sole that is water-resistant for the ultimate outdoor performance. With this water-resistance, you’re guaranteed a pair of work boots that can serve you for years.

  • Anti-Slip
The sufficiently threaded outsole of the Ace Mamba boots offers a good grip on any terrain especially when the surface is exposed to water and oil. This protects you from slips and fall accidents.

  • Steel Toe Cap
The metal plate incorporated around the toe section of the boot is sturdy enough to protect your feet from possible compression, falling debris, and sharp objects.

  • High Ankle

The Ace Mamba Safety Shoes have cuffs that rise a few inches above the ankle bone to help keep the shoes snug nicely on your feet when laced up. The high ankle also gives your feet adequate support when using rough terrains.


Protect Your Feet with the Right Safety Work Boots

Looking for comfortable and safe boots for your demanding job? Look no further than the Ace Mamba Safety Shoes. They’re suitable for all working environments including transport, construction, forestry, mining, electrical, and more.
#1 Industrial Safety Shoes

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