Ace Safety Leather Boot (With Steel Toe)
Safety Shoes
Ace Safety Leather Boot (With Steel Toe)
Ace Safety Leather Boot (With Steel Toe)

Ace Safety Leather Boot (With Steel Toe)

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The Ace® Safety Shoe has both steel toe protection and a breathable inner lining which provides both protection and comfort. It boasts a sturdy rubber sole which are great for areas with high temperature floors and is also acid resistant.

Enjoy Maximum Support, Durability, and Comfort with the Ace Safety Leather Boot.



Ace Safety Leather Boot: Comfortable Safety Footwear Built For Work

Does your job entail being on your feet all day? Does it come with various risks that could cause physical harm? Then, you need reliable safety shoes.

A good pair of safety shoes should not only protect you against slips, shocks, and debris but also improve your job confidence while providing all-day support and comfort. Ace Safety men's leather steel toe work boots don't compromise on any of these.

  • Shock Absorber
The thick outsole and cushioned midsole of the Ace Safety Shoes offer an excellent shock-absorption level when traversing harsh environments. This helps to reduce pressure on your feet and joints, especially when hauling heavy loads.

  • Cleated Outsole
Ace Safety Shoes feature cleated outsoles with stud protrusions that offer the best traction on slippery surfaces.

  • Heat Resistant
The outsole of the Ace Safety Shoes is heat resistant, thus preventing the sole from cracking and charring. This prevents you from sweating or overheating when wearing the boots.

  • Steel Toe
These Ace Safety Shoes feature a metal plate placed around the toe section of the shoe. This plate is tough and rigid to protect your feet from possible compression, falling debris, and sharp objects when working.

  • Breathable Inner Lining

The breathable inner lining of Ace Safety Shoes is in direct contact with your foot to allow for fast moisture absorption, comfortable breathability, and quick dries. This helps your feet to maintain warmth and comfort all day long.


Enjoy Improved Confidence on the Job with Ace Safety Shoes

Are you searching for comfortable and safe steel-toe leather work boots for your demanding job? Look no further than the Ace Safety Shoes. They're suitable for all working environments, including construction, tactical, industrial, military, and many more.
#1 Industrial Safety Shoes

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