Ace Chui Safety Shoes Orange | Ace Chui Safety Shoes Grey
Ace Chui Safety Shoes Orange
Ace Chui Safety Shoes Orange
Ace Chui Safety Shoes Grey

Ace Chui Safety Shoes - Orange

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The Ace® Chui Safety Shoe has both steel toe protection and a breathable inner lining which provides both protection and comfort. This makes our safety shoe great for everyday use and is suitable for all workplaces.

For All Day Comfort and Support Choose Ace Chui Safety Shoes Orange!

Wear Comfortable and Durable Ace Chui Safety Shoes to Work

A work environment may be full of potential risks—greasy surfaces, weight objects, electrical hazards, and more. This is why you need safety workwear to protect your feet.  Unsure of the right safety shoes to buy?

Why not try Ace Chui Safety Shoes Orange? These personal protective safety shoes have an elegant style and comfort, offering protection for your feet. These men's safety shoes from Ace Chui keep you protected, comfortable and professional.

  • Genuine Leather

Ace Chui Safety Shoes are made of genuine leather, making them look stylish. Its material always looks sleek so you don’t have to sacrifice your sense of style while at to work. What’s more, you’ll stay longer with these high-quality leather shoes thanks to their durability.

  • Breathable Inner Lining

The Ace Chui inner lining is breathable, allowing air in to pass through your feet to prevent them from sweating and smelling.

  • Oil, Water, and Acid Resistant

When you’re at work, you need shoes that keep your feet dry and safe from various. Ace Chui has strong leather that protects your feet from any oil, water, or chemical spills.

  • Steel Toe

These steel-toed safety shoes offer protection from a wide range injuries including falling objects, slips and falls, lacerations/cuts, burns, and punctures.

  • Electric Insulating Property

Ace Chui Safety Shoes also have insulating properties to protect your feet from any electric shock.

  • Slip Resistant

The outsole of these safety shoes has an interlocked tread pattern, offering firm contact on the floor to prevent you from slipping.


Get Maximum Comfort and Protection for Your Feet

Looking to buy comfortable and lightweight protective safety work shoes? Ace Chui Safety Shoes are the right fit for you. They’re good for active working environments like mining, transport, electrical, and more.
#1 Industrial Safety Shoes

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